Volkswagen e-Golf

The first ever electric Golf, the front wheel drive e-Golf is propelled by a 114bhp electric motor fed by a 24.2kW lithium ion battery. The e-Golf’s top speed is 87mph and it can go from 0-62mph in 10.4 seconds. Interestingly, its time of 4.2 seconds from 0-37mph is quicker than a Golf GTI.

A conventional Golf adapted for electric power, VW claims a range of 118 miles on a single charge (although reviews have indicated that the reality is a rather less than this) and to maximise this range, the e-Golf has three driving modes – Normal, Eco and Eco+ – as well as regenerative braking.

The e-Golf can be 80 per cent fast-charged in just 30 minutes. A full charge takes 13 hours from a domestic socket.

Specification-wise, the e-Golf offers LED headlights, a rear spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the e-Golf is a 5.7-inch touchscreen infotainment centre, climate control, electric mirrors and adaptive cruise control.

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