VW ID.3 Car Insurance

Starting with the ID.3 1st edition, VW’s all electric ID.3 comes with the choice of three battery sizes, small, medium and large or, to be precise, 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh. The medium battery can recharge a range of up to approximately 260 miles in 30 minutes and the 77kWh battery offers a range of up to 340 miles on full charge.

Driver aids include ID.Light which communicates visually and makes it easier to navigate through traffic, together with the (optional) navigation system. The optional AR Head-up Display sends useful information straight into the windscreen's field of vision.

Another optional feature is a panoramic sunroof with tinted glass which ensures comfortable temperatures, even in strong sunshine. Inside the vehicle there’s also plenty of room as the ID.3’s bespoke electric platform means that it has a comparatively long and wide wheelbase which means large amount of interior space and a generous boot.

VW has worked with a noted composer to create a “futuristic” sound when driving slowly which is designed to be heard better by two- and four-legged road users.

The ID.3 1st Edition featured exclusive extra equipment and 2,000 kWh of free power.

Nowadays, the choice of batteries has increased rather with the introduction of the Pure, Pure Performance, Pro, Pro Performance and Pro S. Similarly, there are a good number of trims from which ID.3 customers are able to choose.

Starting with the ID.3 Life, this variant comes with a choice of battery and also includes, amongst other features, discover navigation pro touch-screen navigation infotainment system with 10 inch display, comfort pack, ID. Light and Natural voice control.

Next up, the ID.3 Style is intended for a more urban lifestyle. This model has 18” East Derry alloys, Volkswagen’s design pack (including tinted windows, LED Matrix headlights and illuminated light band), Comfort pack Plus including heated seats and Assistance Pack which also means access to a rear view camera.

The ID.3 Family combines several of the benefits of the Life and Style and is marked out by its steel wheels (18" 'Aero') and panoramic glass roof.

The ID.3 Max, only available with the Pro Performance battery and its 258 mile range, shares the same wheels and panoramic roof as the ID.3 Family but adds in an advanced air conditioning system and augmented reality head-up display.

Those interested in long-distance travel are encouraged to consider the ID.3 Tour. Described by Volkswagen as a 4-seat distance cruiser, it comes with the Pro S battery offering a 336 mile range. The ID3. Tour has 19" 'Andoya Black' alloy wheels and shares several of the features of the ID3.Max – minus the panoramic roof but with the addition of a lane keeping system plus semi-automatic vehicle control.

Described as the all-rounder of the range, the ID.3 Business has a 262 mile range, climate control and keyless entry. It also benefits from LED headlights and touch screen navigation.

The ID3.Tech shares many similarities to the ID.3 Business – although does have the added benefit of a panoramic glass roof and, as the name suggests, the latest in technology as exemplified by its augmented reality head-up display.

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