Smart EQ fortwo

With smart claiming EQ fortwo offers a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge, smart EQ fortwo marks smart becoming one of the only car manufacturers in the world to offer its full range of vehicles in electric form.

Available as the smart EQ fortwo coupe and smart EQ fortwo cabrio, the successor to the smart fortwo Electric Drive, the smart EQ fortwo is in Vehicle Excise Duty Band A, so you’ll pay no road tax. You’ll also qualify for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant, offering up to £4,500 off the cost of the car and, of course, be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

The smart EQ fortwo comes in four different trim levels, standard, passion, perfect and prime. The passion includes alloy wheels and a selection of colour variants; the perfect is a stylish brown and includes enhanced alloys and leather look seats with brown complementary feature interior. The top of the range prime model comes with heated seats as standard and a leather interior.

As an all-electric vehicle it boasts 0g/km CO2 emissions, a 3.5hrs charge time offering that range of up to 99 miles and a top speed of 80 mph.

It’s efficient too, using a regenerative braking system to harness kinetic energy, every time you slow down this is energy that helps charge the battery.

The fastest way to charge your smart is by connecting it to a purpose-built wallbox using the supplied charging cable, which will charge the battery from 20—100% in just 3.5 hours.

You can also charge your smart from any domestic power socket but it takes a little longer: 20—100% in around 6 hours.

Smart EQ control offers numerous "Connected Car" functions from viewing the remaining power left in your battery, predict driving range, charge status and a whole range of other information relating to your vehicle.

You can also set the climate control while your smart is charging from the mains, so that your car is ready to go as soon as you are.

Safety is enhanced by the tridion safety cell, made of high-tech steels whilst the smart Media-System with 7-inch display offers 3D navigation, hands-free calling, and music streaming. The smart EQ fortwo makes the most of its size with its trough-loading function whereby the front seat backrest folds down fully so you can load longer items.

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