Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy Car Insurance

The futuristic Twizy allows driver and passenger to sit in tandem. Full charge takes three and a half hours, costing around £1 and provides a range of around 60 miles.

A 13kW (17hp) motor provides power (through a battery leased on a monthly basis) with top speed limited to around 50 mph. Brake discs all-round bring the car to a stop. Clever beam / wheel positioning and a deformable chassis offer protection to vehicle occupants. Additional safety measures include a driver’s airbag, a three-point seatbelt and with additional strap for the driver and a three-point safety belt at the rear.

Options, both futuristic and conventional are scissor doors, driver and passenger blanket as well as metallic paint, a child booster seat and alloy wheels.

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