Still Plugging Away!

As you may be aware, we've been a little quiet on here just recently.

With our friends at Ageas having, for now, taken a step back from insuring electric cars we've been working hard to maintain the levels of service our existing customers have come to expect as well as welcoming new customers to the fold.

Following the news about Ageas we've been quite frank in our appraisal of the electric car insurance market and are pleased to have received some very positive feedback about this approach.  More and more companies are trying to insure electric cars and, based on price alone, this is resulting in some very cheap insurance premiums which at face value is certainly good news for electric car owners.  We know we're unlikely to always be able to compete with the lowest price you'll find on a price comparison site but that has never been our aim.  What we can guarantee, though, is that we'll always offer the best value for money we possibly can.  So, if you take pride in choosing the lowest possible premium you find online each year we were and are probably not for you.  If, however, you'd like to deal with a family business, not a call centre, and speak to a person who'll get to you know and your insurance requirements on an individual basis you should definitely get in touch.  

We've added some new electric cars to our vehicle list from VW, Polestar, Uniti and Seat and, although our online quick quote facility is offline for now, we hope to re-introduce this in the coming weeks.  Although it's a challenge in the current climate we're working hard to re-launch our very own electric car insurance product (that's the potentially exciting news) to complement the rates offered by the extensive panel of insurers available to the team here.  


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