Drive Greener with Drive Green and pluginsure

We're always pleased to meet another organisation specialising in electric vehicles and so when we were contacted by one whose mission is to "provide the best information and service in the electric vehicle industry" the early indications were positive!

Drive-Green have a background in renewable energy and green technologies and are putting in a great deal of work to  promote electric cars.  If you are wondering how to choose a used electric car or perhaps considering changing your existing vehicle then the team at Drive-Green always aim to have a wide variety of second hand electric cars for sale and are committed to finding the right EV for each and every customer.  Their website is regularly updated and contains a range of informative electric car reviews. 

Being environmentally minded and confident in the service they offer, Drive-Green will donate to Greenpeace for every review a customer gives them.

Take a look at their website and don't forget to get a quote for your prospective purchase with pluginsure!

Drive Green

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