Revamped Plug-In Car Grant Announced

Just in case you missed it, earlier this month the government announced changes to funding to support the purchase of the next 35,000 "cleanest" vehicles.

For the last 7 years, the Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) has provided a discount to the price of over 160,000 new ultra-low emission vehicles.

Having helped the plug-in hybrid market become more established, the focus its support on zero emission models like (pure electric) and the changes mean that the grant rate for Category 1 vehicles (pure electric) will move from £4,500 to £3,500 and Category 2 and 3 vehicles will no longer be eligible.

We’ve included a list of the electric cars which you can insure with pluginsure which are eligible for the new Plug-In Car grant below:

•BMW i3 and i3s

•BYD e6

•Citroen CZero

•Hyundai IONIQ Electric

•Hyundai KONA Electric

•Jaguar I-PACE

•Kia Soul EV

•Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

•Nissan e-NV200 (5-seater and 7-seater)

•Nissan LEAF

•Peugeot iON

•Renault ZO

•Smart EQ fortwo

•Smart EQ forfour

•Toyota Mirai

•Volkswagen e-up!

•Volkswagen e-Golf





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