Joint Kia /Hyundai Solar Charging System to benefit Electric Cars

Just in case you missed it Kia and Hyundai have recently announced plans to introduce ‘solar roof’ charging technology on selected Hyundai cars. Electricity-generating solar panels will be incorporated into the roof or bonnet of the cars and battery electric vehicles will be amongst those to benefit from additional electrical power and range.


Hyundai electric car owners will have to wait a little while was they will be in the "third generation" of development. This is because the first-generation system is for hybrid vehicles, while the second-generation technology brings a semi-transparent solar roof system to ICE vehicles. The third generation, where electric cars come in, will see the introduction of a lightweight solar roof.


The system for electric cars is currently in testing and is designed to maximise energy output. The solar panel is intended to absorb photons of light from the sun creating electron-hole pairs in silicon cells which enables current to flow and thus generating electricity.


Future Kia Soul EVs and Hyundai Kona Electric cars are amongst the vehicles which might benefit from this innovation.


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